Warranty Information

United Cabinets' limited lifetime warranty of quality design, fabrication, installation and customer satisfaction commences upon the date of completed installation and final payment. The coverage provided here is exclusive to the original purchaser and is non-transferable.

United Cabinets has over 75 years of experience fabricating all cabinetry on site and guarantees satisfaction upon completion of installation. Our cabinetry is custom built to the customer’s specifications using top grade materials and crafted with expert workmanship using state-of-the-art computerized equipment. In addition, when United Cabinets installs our cabinetry, we ensure all components are free from defects in material and workmanship for the life of the product. Our liability shall not exceed the replacement cost of our product.

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United Cabinets will not replace or repair any component of the product due to improper usage, including but not limited to:

Due to natural imperfections, i.e., knots, light or dark streaks, grain variations, differences in density which are sometimes highlighted by stains, finishes, and lighting, wood pieces often may not appear to be an exact match. This is part of the beauty of wood. Wood often shows changes in color when exposed to different light, and changes with age. You should not expect an exact match in all pieces, and United Cabinets is not responsible for the natural effects of lighting and aging.

United Cabinets offers several quality protective top-coat finishes, paints, glazes, and custom stains designed to preserve the look and the feel of our products for years to come. Even under normal use, these finishes eventually will begin to display aging. However, several variables in the maintenance of the product can effect this process, including exposure to moisture, corrosive or abrasive solvents, harsh chemical cleaners and ultra-violet light. Due to these variables involved in the maintenance of the finish, the warranty on this aspect of the product is limited to one year.

United Cabinets suggests that the owner avoid exposing the cabinetry to products not designed to clean or treat wood cabinetry in order to avoid damage or premature aging on the finish, and will not replace or refinish the products should such damage occur.

How to Clean Wood Cabinets of Any Finish:
Homeowners should use any mild, non-concentrated oil/grease cutting dish soap and water to clean their wood cabinets. As a general rule, you should mix two cups of water with every cup of soap. Don’t over-wet the cabinets as it could ruin the finish. After gently scrubbing with a soft cloth and the cleaning solution, rinse off the residue with a damp cloth, and wipe down with a separate dry, lint-free cloth.

Hinges and Drawer Guides:
Under normal use, the hinges and drawer guides used in United Cabinet's cabinetry will provide a lifetime of eficient operation. United Cabinets checks and installs hinges and drawer guides to ensure that they are operating with maximum efficiency and ensures there are no defects or malfunctions in the products before the cabinets leave the plant. However, if the hinges, drawer guides, or all parts and components thereof are forcefully opened, pulled beyond their normal operational range, or if extreme uneven distribution of weight is placed upon the drawers, doors or shelving, the product may malfunction, break or fail to work consistently, and is therefore not covered under this warranty. 

In order to obtain performance of any warranty obligation from United Cabinets, the customer shall contact us immediately upon discovery by email and cooperate fully in supplying the necessary information, as well as access to the premises, relative to the defect or malfunction.

This warranty does not cover damage caused by others, or damage beyond the control of United Cabinets, including, but not limited to damage caused by misuse, abuse, accidents, neglect, alteration, mishandling, improper storage, failure to provide reasonable and necessary maintenance, or by water or fire damage, and damage resulting from acts of nature.

Following a thorough inspection of the product by United Cabinets, if it is determined that any damage is the result of improper usage during the term of this warranty, we will offer repair service at a rate of $75 per hour, and travel expenses where applicable.